Listened To My Priorities Rather Than Trying To Sell Me The Latest And Greatest At A Great Expense.”

“The very expensive blower motor in my HVAC unit died and needed to be replaced. Was it better to spend a lot of money replacing the motor or to replace the whole unit with a new system? After talking with several of the local HVAC companies, I called Scott Niehaus AC & Heating. Scott came out and spent time listening to my priorities rather than trying to sell me the latest and greatest at a great expense. He proposed a middle of the road solution that met my needs nicely and was very reasonably priced.

The unexpected bonuses are that the system is far quieter than the old system, something I did not expect. Also, my electric bill dropped dramatically. I had expected some savings but the actual savings are much larger than I had expected since the new system was not one of the super high SEER systems others had proposed. The American Standard equipment has a 10 year warranty and with Scott Niehaus AC & Heating available to handle any problems, I’m feeling very secure in my decision.”

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